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I look forward to getting this tattooed on my ankle ! #worksgoingtobefun

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Three simple leather dragon masks that I made for a convention thing yesterday.

Woah give me all of them.

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EW: Is this the most challenging AHS role you’ve had so far?
Sarah Paulson: It is the most challenging so far. There’s the inherent reality that everyone knows that I do not have two heads. So we’re asking the audience to go with us on this journey. We’re asking everybody that’s a fan of the show, like people who are with the show, so I have anxiety because I just want so much for everything about it to work that people forget that they’re watching something that they know isn’t real and that they buy it and they believe it. I think that’s why these two girls seem like two different creatures. It’s hard to find to find all the color and variation and nuances. It’s hard to play one person with all of those things going on. It’s obviously doubly difficult to do it when you are trying to give shading and characterization to two people. And I have a southern accent also.

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I only play for sport. 

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curious by pckverweire http://ift.tt/1pNJfVs

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Anonymous:tat of strawberries... sorry i suck at this

Awww, thats cute :) xx

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